UK Young Adult Extravanganza Magic

On Saturday, Waterstones Nottingham hosted the second UKYA Extravaganza Event.  About 30 authors of Young Adult fiction were there to talk about their work and answer questions from a keen audience!  I really love author events, and this was no exception.  There is something truly wonderful about listening to someone talking about a book (or books) they have written, because you discover that there is so much more to it than simply writing down a story.  Every book has part of the author inside it and it was a privilege to hear about it.


I limited myself to buying two books (very restrained) and I decided at the beginning that I would listen to all the authors before I decided which two to buy.  It was a touch choice!  Listening to them all I came away thinking I would happily read any and all the books talked about.  But in the end I went for Land by Alex Campbell and The Beneath by Sue Ransom  I chose Land as I loved the way Alex talked about her books (her second is Cloud 9) as answering big questions in her own life.   Sue first started writing for her daughter and premise of The Beneath intrigues me.  Both authors were delighted to sign my copies and they are now sitting on my bedside table itching to be read!

It was a great event, I really enjoyed myself and I hope it happens again next year! Thank you UKYAX for organising it.